[Wolves] KMail

Si wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Feb 12 08:03:01 2003

Hi all,

I once accompanied Adam to a LUG meeting (the Clarendon), and then never=20
showed my face again due to abandoning Linux in favour of Windows (mainly=
to lack of time). However, I am now older and wiser, and am using Mandrak=
9.0 as my main o/s.=20

Right, with the uncomfortable personal intro out of the way, I can move o=
the subject of my message. I have already posted this message onto the Fo=
on the website but I have now learned that this is rarely used - so it is=
possible that some (or indeed all!) may have read it. I have 3 computers =
: a=20
firewall/router, and two 'clients' on a LAN. Each computer is running=20
Mandrake 9.  Each client has K-Mail on it, to access my POP3 account. I w=
both clients to access the same e-mails and therefore I have disabled the=
"delete from server when read" option. However, I am told that my POP3=20
account will fill up quite quickly. Does anybody know how to explicitly=20
delete mail from a server? (I have tried Evolution as well but this did n=
appear to provide a facility).