[Wolves] Games this Wednesday

Ron Wellsted wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Feb 13 20:33:01 2003

On Thursday 13 Feb 2003 2:13 pm, Matt Warwick wrote:
> >We discovered a couple of things: first, that a cablemodem connection
> >doesn't seem to be able to support 4 simultaneous players on prboom.
> Really?
> I think that really shows the age of the networking protocol of Doom,
> because I generally host a Counter-Strike server on my DSL connection here,
> and I regularly have 8 players playing fine with latency around 70ms. The
> same goes for Jedi Knight 2.
> My DSL is bog stardard 512/256.

Where as a BY CM is 512/128 (or 1024/256 on the 1Mb service)

Ron Wellsted