[Wolves] My Beowulf Project is now on line ;)

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Feb 25 16:31:02 2003

s parkes spoo'd forth:
> Space isn't the problem, running 20 486s sucks a lot of juice and will 
> create a fair dollup of heat just to get the same performance as your laptop 
> ;-)
> I agree it would be a cool project from the techy standpoint but the 
> practicalities mean that those machines may have a more important use that 
> is better suited to thier spec.

Yeah, I've got a load of paper here which the wind keeps blowing around

> besides if we are going to create a cluster lets get it doing something 
> different and be first to do something instead of just running the software 
> that someone else has been working on.

There aren't all *that* many uses for multiple-parallel processing,
though. It's good for mathematically intensive easily-parallelisable
tasks, but how many of them do we actually need to do?


Soon -- as it measured time -- it would have work to do once again.
Thousands upon thousands of worlds.
           -- "Fallen Star", Simon Clay