[Wolves] My Beowulf Project is now on line ;)

Chris Procter wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Feb 25 16:45:01 2003

>anyone seen the film Pi?

You want us to decode the patterns in the bible and so bring about the end
of the world? Or do you just feel an urge to take a power drill to your

Please explain.

10.13 am Restate my assumptions, 
1. mathematics is the language of nature
2. everything around us can be represented and understood by numbers
3. therefore there are patterns everywhere in nature.


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25/02/2003 15:22:52, "s parkes" <stephenparkes1972@hotmail.com> wrote:

>Space isn't the problem, running 20 486s sucks a lot of juice and will 
>create a fair dollup of heat just to get the same performance as your

We could make them exercise bike powered? and then use them to heat some
food or something ;-)

>besides if we are going to create a cluster lets get it doing something 
>different and be first to do something instead of just running the software

>that someone else has been working on.

anyone seen the film Pi?

>work in progress (tell all soon)

ohh - you tease!


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