[Wolves] My Beowulf Project is now on line ;)

Steve wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Feb 25 17:26:02 2003

25/02/2003 16:46:26, Chris Procter <Chris@foxonline.co.uk> wrote:

>You want us to decode the patterns in the bible and so bring about the end
>of the world?

may as well. it would be one hell of a kabbalistic number cruncher for sure.

>Or do you just feel an urge to take a power drill to your

I've heard it leads to permanent bliss so maybe ;-)

>10.13 am Restate my assumptions, 
>1. mathematics is the language of nature
>2. everything around us can be represented and understood by numbers
>3. therefore there are patterns everywhere in nature.

well remembered! if anyones interested i've got the book, which has a excellent diary of the whole project.