[Wolves] Pie Factory, meeting, and money

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Jan 6 09:40:00 2003

Right, this week's meeting: are we going to the Pie Factory? If so, how's it
going to work? If I need to drive, then OK, I can do that, but what about
people in Wolves that don't have cars?

Secondly, Adam better not be coming, because he'll be insufferable after the
3-2 victory over the Toon Army ;-)

Thirdly, I've received the hosting bill for wolveslug.org.uk for 2003, so
you lot get to pay me some money. Could those of you who did a collection at
points last year bring that money along so that I can contribute it to the
bill? The LUG needs to pay, by my reckoning, about a hundred pounds for the
2003 hosting; does anyone have any ideas about the best way to do this other
than me saynig "please bring along a tenner each"? ;-) I don't really want
to do it piecemeal like last year, because, as you all know, we always
forget to collect the money, and because the hosting bill this year all has
to be paid up front (because Chris has decided, not unreasonably, that doing
it piecemeal is a rubbish way :)), and I can't afford to cover the whole
bill immediately myself and then get it back in drips and drabs once a
fortnight :( Thoughts?

See you all on Wednesday :)


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