[Wolves] Pie Factory, meeting, and money

fizzy wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Jan 6 12:37:01 2003

> Right, this week's meeting: are we going to the Pie
> Factory? If so, how's it
> going to work? If I need to drive, then OK, I can do
> that, but what about
> people in Wolves that don't have cars?

i did raise this question before to 0 reply, i can SMS
people to try and beg a lift, but this facility may
not be available to all...

> Secondly, Adam better not be coming, because he'll
> be insufferable after the
> 3-2 victory over the Toon Army ;-)

Bring on the Albion next round! (draw at 1pm...)

> Thirdly, I've received the hosting bill for
> wolveslug.org.uk for 2003, so
> you lot get to pay me some money. Could those of you
> who did a collection at
> points last year bring that money along so that I
> can contribute it to the
> bill? The LUG needs to pay, by my reckoning, about a
> hundred pounds for the
> 2003 hosting; does anyone have any ideas about the
> best way to do this other
> than me saynig "please bring along a tenner each"?
> ;-) I don't really want
> to do it piecemeal like last year, because, as you
> all know, we always
> forget to collect the money, and because the hosting
> bill this year all has
> to be paid up front (because Chris has decided, not
> unreasonably, that doing
> it piecemeal is a rubbish way :)), and I can't
> afford to cover the whole
> bill immediately myself and then get it back in
> drips and drabs once a
> fortnight :( Thoughts?

I'm happy to pay a tenner on Wednesday.

> See you all on Wednesday :)

hopefully :)
> Aq.

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