[Wolves] Pie Factory, meeting, and money

Simon Gill wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Jan 6 13:09:00 2003

> Right, this week's meeting: are we going to the Pie Factory?=20
> If so, how's it
> going to work? If I need to drive, then OK, I can do that,=20
> but what about
> people in Wolves that don't have cars?

Exhibit A, \me holds up hand. Would anybody be willing to give me a lift
from the Science Park or Tettenhall road and back to Tettenhall or

> does anyone have any ideas about the best way=20
> to do this other
> than me saynig "please bring along a tenner each"? ;-)

No other way really, I'll bring a tenner along anyway.