[Wolves] RFC: LUG Venue Change

Vinnie wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jan 9 11:31:00 2003

Hi all

The meeting went well I take it, sorry for not being able to make it.

I used to go to the Pie Factory years ago when i were a lad & must agree that 
its a decent place, proper pub, decent food, not so sure about all the nick 
nacks - but the main problem me & Steve would have with that as the regular 
venue would be travelling there from Brum - I presume it would be more time 
consuming & complex than wolves city centre - whether we were to get a lift from 
wolves or just catch the bus from brum - but i suppose would have to try the 
journey to know with any certainty how much more trouble

the other thing i was thinking, which seemed to be one of the requirements that 
we previously discussed, was whether its got facilities/ability for us to plug 
in & network laptops & give presentations etc??

so on balance my vote (& guess Steve's (he's away on a day trip today)) would be 
a maybe verging on the side of prefering wolves city centre - but obviously 
depends what other people think