[Wolves] RFC: LUG Venue Change

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jan 9 13:47:01 2003

Jono Bacon spoo'd forth:
> Hi all,
> It was discussed at the LUG meet yesterday that it may
> be an idea to move the LUG meeting from the Moon Under
> Water to the Pie Factory in Tipton. Reasons for this
> include:
> - Nicer place in general - no football louts.
> - Easier parking (it has it's own car park)
> - More room to sit.
> - Cheaper drinks than Clarenden but more expensive
> than moon.
> OK folks, this is your time to have your say - let
> everyone know whether you think this is a good idea or
> not. 

I'm all for it. Since I have to travel anyway, the pub being in Tipton
doesn't affect me -- in fact, it's quicker to get to and to get home from in
both car and bus for me :) The Pie Factory is a much nicer pub, too; I'm
starting to be a bit worried about the atmosphere in the Moon, especially
since I had my Zaurus nicked. There's also the possibility of workshops from
peolpe who live nearby. Call my vote an emphatic yes :)


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