[Wolves] RFC: LUG Venue Change

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jan 9 14:13:00 2003

I would agree that the Moon has outlived it's
suitability as a viable venue, however to fly in the
face of popular opinion, I think the Pie Factory is a
little far away from Wolverhampton to be the home of
the Wolves LUG. I certainly would have great
difficulty getting there (admittedly thats not so much
of a big loss to the LUG given that I haven't been
since mid October) and would be unlikely to go unless
I could blag a lift.
Contrarily, there appears to be a shortage of suitable
venues in Wolves and we have to think of our catchment
area (North West Midlands) and the locality of the
venue to most of the LUG, whatever that may be.
Personally I am a firm No.



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