[Wolves] Mailing lists and web forums

Lee Jordan wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jan 9 14:45:01 2003

Yup I'd be interested in helping with  the list to forum crossover stuff, 
although I may need guidence etc, to hack the PHP nuke code, having not 
really looked deeply into it. My main concern is getting infor from the list 
to what i would presume would be a few MySQL database tables

Sounds cool


Lee Jordan
Interactive Multimedia Communications

>From: Jono Bacon <jonobacon@yahoo.com>
>Hi Aq,
>This all sounds great. A few notes:
>  - The main concern I have is that the new mailing
>list will not mess over anyone subscribed to the
>current list. I know we can move them all over, but we
>need tro ensure that the backward compatability works.
>  - I think the forum -> list hacking needs to happen.
>Not only would it be immensely cool, but it would make
>us much more accessible.
>I am interested in getting involved, and I will take a
>look at the PHP, but I think it will need more than
>just me to work on it. Volunteers?
>   Jono

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