[Wolves] Why do you hate/dislike Micro$oft?

steve parkes wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jan 10 13:16:01 2003

>From: Dan <djones9960@btinternet.com>
>Simon Howes wrote:
>4)  That sodding paperclip.
Is the paper clip really a reason to hate MS? remember that hate is a very 
strong word.

Surely you hate the paperclip. Isn't that the reason for anmorphization of 
the interface so that you develop a relationship with the paperclip and 
refrain from realising it is the developers you have a problem with.

Lets not forget that the only intuitive interface known the humankind is the 
nipple.  Developers should refrain from inserting human face like interfaces 
to software and should have more nipples.

MS have experimented with the nipple approach and have inserted nipples into 
many key management roles over the years with some success.

What we need to do (as open source advocates) is make sure everyone see the 
MS nipples for what they are and understands that nipples with an following 
the open blouse interface standards are far more accessable for the user.


lead developer of openTeat and an open blouse advocate

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