[Wolves] Why do you hate/dislike Micro$oft?

Dan wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jan 10 14:29:01 2003

steve parkes wrote:
>> From: Dan <djones9960@btinternet.com>
>> Simon Howes wrote:
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>> 4)  That sodding paperclip.
> Is the paper clip really a reason to hate MS? remember that hate is a 
> very strong word.
It's not the paperclip per se that I hate but what it represents - 
bloatware.  On a slower system you'd expect to be able to run a flipping 
word processor, for God sake, right?  Even a new one.  But noooooo, M$ 
had to fill the thing with bells'n'whistles so machines spent stupid 
amounts of time loading multimedia garbage for animations and whatnot so 
people would have to upgrade their hardware. They couldn't just keep 
using their old software because they found that other people were using 
Office97 and even if they asked those people to save as another format, 
for some reason Office packages just weren't up to doing that 
effectively.  For some reason.

I'm fucking positive Microsoft secretly owns half the hardware industry.

::thinks more happy thoughts::

> What we need to do (as open source advocates) is make sure everyone see 
> the MS nipples for what they are and understands that nipples with an 
> following the open blouse interface standards are far more accessable 
> for the user.
> sparkes.
> lead developer of openTeat and an open blouse advocate