warning contains flames. - Re: [Wolves] RFC: Pie Factory venue change List

steve parkes wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jan 21 13:02:01 2003

>From: "Simon Howes" <howesey@blargoc.co.uk>
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>Subject: Re: [Wolves] RFC: Pie Factory venue change List
>Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 12:34:46 -0000
>And if Wollyhampton LUG is the "the black country" catchment area then
>isn't it actually a bit more central being in Coseley/Tipton?!?

I've totally gone off the idea of the pie factory now.  Lets totally cut 
ourselves off from the outside world and only allow honary wulfrunians to 
come to meetings ;-) attend on wednesday with reasons why you want to stay 
with the lug in triplicate so that you can get the party card.  no petty MS 
haters need apply.

It was started as the wolves lug and not the Wolverhampton and Black Country 
LUG becuase jono (quite rightly) thought that URL would be a little too 
long.  the simple fact is it is just a name not a religious issue.  So stop 
being pedantic about it.

Jono really only wanted to start the wolverhampton lug and I, errrm,  
bullied him into expanding the name so that people from other areas didn't 
have to start from scratch and start a lug with only two members becuase 
this seemed to have killed off the staffs and original brum lugs and also to 
avoid possible football links.

I really hate the use of the word 'Wollyhampton' the only Wolly is the 
person running Windows 2000 who starts 'Why I hate MS, sorry M$' threads.  
It smacks a little of hipocracy and is getting alittle tired.


Sorry the the flameage but this was starting to wear a little thin.


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