more about meeting location was Re: [Wolves] PHP

s parkes wolves at
Tue Jan 21 15:18:00 2003

>From: Dan <>
>I can't believe it's taken me *this* long to try using PHP seriously.
TAlking of which I gotta have a play with python to see if all the fuss is 

>PHP rulezzz.  That's all I can say.
I felt that way too when I first used php and before that with both perl and 
C.  I guess if a language 'clicks' with you it's cool and those that don't 
suck.  It's a very subjective.

>BTW I've heard the Newhampton Inn mentioned as an alternative meeting place 
>to the Moon.  It has nice reasonably-priced beer, no (well, very few if 
>any) yobs and it has meeting rooms.  On the downside it's the opposite side 
>of town from the bus station and it can get quite busy in there.
The Newhampton? --- Waaaaaaayyyyyyy to far --- the pie factory is not that 
much farther out of town ;-)

If the Clarendon was dumped as an idea because of Geography then the 
newhampton is definitly a none starter

I think it was Ron that suggested upstairs at the Prince Albert and that is 
even closer to public transport than we are now.  Although us pretty boys 
might get a few unwanted offers but if Aq and jono can stand it so can i ;-)

May I suggest the Giffard Arms?  Not to sure if that has a gay following at 
the moment but it is a cool pub and has a room upstairs as well (or it used 
too it might have gone the same way as the one at the pie factory)


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