[Wolves] business poster thingy

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jan 22 02:45:01 2003

 --- Steve <info@a2rt.org> wrote: > hi ho! 
> I've done a 'aimed at business' style poster for the
> WLUG , its online at
> http://www.a2rt.org/posters/business.pdf (131k) Its
> a start, so any feedback would be 
> good :-)

Yeah, it's pretty good :)

> I going to do some more aimed at different sorts, so
> people can help me out by googling their way to the
> location of the following:

> 2) Image of incredibly mad/odd / wierd/ridiculous
> thing that is done with low tech machines and linux.
> I'm thinking along the lines of the potato powered 
> server...anything that will appeal to u geeks and
> arty sorts :-)

The Linux Christmas Tree, now apparently offline.

How about that cheesy pic from the Lug website?

Photo taken on mobile phone, beamed by infra-red to
PDA, SSHed to ftp server from the pub, on the web now.
Linux: Crap photo*, great geek tools.

* Phone wasn't running Linux.

Or similar such ideas. I screenshotted the page and
editted 'Pie Factory' to 'pub' and tidied the vote
thing a bit as a kind of sample idea, someone else
would be better at doing this properly if anyone liked
the idea.

> 3)images of big pile of trash technology, in skips
> or in big pile whatever

Pics of lots of broken Windows ;) ("Same problem with
your PC?") Search Google Images for 'broken windows'
for loads.

Also 'broken computers' or 'broken monitor' ("Computer
disobeyed you for the last time" with pic of smashed
monitor), 'old computers' ("Waste not want not") etc

I went round Google Images collecting some kind of
useful images, they might not be what you want, but in
the right general direction. I put them up at
http://www.drinky.org.uk/lug for the time being.
They're not ideal but good examples I guess. Could do
with being a bit cheesier, not having the benefits of
broadband just now I have limited searching time.




Use Linux. Because it's better.

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