[Wolves] business poster thingy

Steve wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jan 22 16:48:02 2003

22/01/2003 02:44:23, Adam Sweet <drinky76@yahoo.com> wrote:

>How about that cheesy pic from the Lug website?
>Photo taken on mobile phone, beamed by infra-red to
>PDA, SSHed to ftp server from the pub, on the web now.
>Linux: Crap photo*, great geek tools.
>* Phone wasn't running Linux.

Nice one! I'll post it up when its done.I might crop the image from the site to fit on A4 tho..

>Pics of lots of broken Windows ;) ("Same problem with
>your PC?") Search Google Images for 'broken windows'
>for loads.


Anyone else for ideas? :-)

oh yes, enjoy the meet.If we get lots of designs done I'll bring along a load of posters too..