[Wolves] my gas man is converting to Linux!!!

s parkes wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jan 29 18:04:01 2003

>From: Steve <info@a2rt.org>
> >So not only am I gonna have a look at his database, I am more than likely
> >going to put Linux on for him, as a dual boot at first though I think, 
> >him in gently
>really? don't be so kind - point him at linux from scratch and you're away 

Don't be silly now we all know debian is the answer to life the universe and 
everything, example 6*7=debian, where did I but my socks? debian, who won 
the fa cup in 1908? debian, answer to world povety? debian.

ok you need to make debian synonymous with all words in the dictionary but 
chomsky allows words to have as many meanings as you require.  So debian is 
the answer to all.

> >It worked, and they wrote back saying they would now be saving in .rtf
> >files!!!
>Excellent! Good day for open standards indeed.

That would be the rtf from that bastion of open standards Microsoft then ;-)

plus complex rtf files are even bigger than complex doc ones so the bills 
will go up when they discover they need a whole new raid array to cope with 
a few silly letters.

Never mind worse things happen at sea - 


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