[Wolves] Some ADSL questions

James Turner wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Jan 30 00:22:47 2003

Does anyone have any (un)recommendations for a ADSL routers/modems for 
use with Linux, or common gotchas that I should be aware of when 
choosing? It will be used to connect a small home network to the 
Internet, with a Linux machine as firewall, web server and mail server.

Secondly (completely seperate scenario), if you happen to have two (or 
more) ADSL connections, is it possible to load balance traffic across 
both in order to increase the effective bandwidth? In the case in 
question the connections are from two different ISPs. One has a single 
static IP address, the other a block of 8 (/29?). The bandwidth would 
be used mainly for VPN connections to other offices as well as a lesser 
amount for web/mail server and more general internet browsing.

In both scenarios, the venue is in an area where Telewest (or NTL) 
cable internet is not available, should you be wondering.

Thanks for any help you may have,