[Wolves] Email Addys

Wayne Morris wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 22 01:28:02 2003

I want to do some stuff with the email addresses i receive, but apart
from 'I know it possible with Linux' I dunno where to start.

Ok the spec:

Contacts/New Contacts/Ferk Off Maintenance

Pretty much the only mail that reaches me is what I expect after
spamfiltering, senders are either new contacts , replies to my
The rest I would like to do the following with:
New sender : add to my MySql database if not already there
Sender with 'ferk off' in heading. mark as such in mysql

The above I guess would be a pipey/strippy/savey operation?

One thing that would be very cool for a similar operation would be a
'right click' mouse menu item - 'save highlighted item to sql database
in field, or send it to php page x.php as post field 'email'

Anyone got any ideas where to start pls?