[Wolves] Email Addys

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Jul 22 06:44:01 2003

In article <1058833786.1220.21.camel@marvin.machx.co.uk> you wrote:
> Contacts/New Contacts/Ferk Off Maintenance
> Pretty much the only mail that reaches me is what I expect after
> spamfiltering, senders are either new contacts , replies to my
> advertising.
> The rest I would like to do the following with:
> New sender : add to my MySql database if not already there
> Sender with 'ferk off' in heading. mark as such in mysql
> The above I guess would be a pipey/strippy/savey operation?
> One thing that would be very cool for a similar operation would be a
> 'right click' mouse menu item - 'save highlighted item to sql database
> in field, or send it to php page x.php as post field 'email'
> Anyone got any ideas where to start pls?

First question: do you run a mailserver on your machine, or do you just
get mail by POP in your mail client directly? If you run a mailserver
(called an MTA, like exim or qmail or sendmail), which one? If you're
not sure how to answer this, I'll go into more detail about how to work
it out.

Anyway, how to do the first bit (automatically sending mails from one
place to another on arrival) depends on your MTA, if you have one, or
on your mail client. The second bit (adding functionality to your mail
client (called an MUA)) depends on your mail client. What do you use?
KMail, Evolution, mutt, something else?

Need a little more information before we can help...


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