[Wolves] Promoting Linux

Matthew Revell wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue May 13 14:10:13 2003

On Mon, 2003-05-12 at 11:00, s parkes wrote:

> IMHO this is something that gets better with each distro to the point that I 
> took a look at mandrake a couple of months ago and it found all my scary 
> hardware including usb human interface device, usb printer, usb digital 
> camera (that I forgot was plugged in), and a usb scanner, stuff that takes 
> an age to get working under windows.

Perhaps I just got caught up in being pissed off at RedHat not being
able to handle either my soundcard, video or wlan properly. Every other
experience I've had of Linux has been that it's been much easier to
install new hardware as Linux recognises it and doesn't require that I
go get a driver for god knows where.

> I think you are looking at the subtlety of the language from the facist side 
> ;-)  

I realise that I put "I'm saying that's what you're suggesting" but, of
course, I meant, "I'm NOT saying that's what...".

> All computers need mantainance whatever the operating system.  I 
> believe they should have signs in electrical outlets saying you must be this 
> smart to own a computer with a picture of a microwave at the bottom and the 
> space shuttle at the top with the line in the middle ;-)

:-) We're not gonna stop non-powerusers wanting to use computers. I'm
always surprised by how quickly people adapt to fairly complex computer
based tasks, if only they're given the chance. Of course, there'll
always be those who are completely inept with computers, just as I doubt
I'll ever be any good at cricket.

> Thats one of the reasons for the LUG system, peer support for people who 
> have spotted a gap in their knowlege (and usage) and are looking for others 
> in the same situation or have made those leaps to user.  It just so happens 
> that at the cutting edge the first people to get there already where users, 
> developers and hackers.  The next generation (coming through strong) are the 
> current prosumers and following them are the consumers.

Excellent, so we've justified our existence :) It IS our job to educate
on Linux. That's one of the reasons I wrote my original post: to see if
we _should_ be hoping to promote Linux.

> As I said in my last post if we take one step at a time, conquer one mind at 
> a time and win one heart at a time linux (or a successor) will succed but we 
> need to take each step as it comes.  Jumping right into the consumer market 
> and saying here is linux it does everything has not worked in the past for 
> large business's and it certainly won't work at a local level.

Fair enough. I think the people we should be hoping to "convert" as
those who already tinker and are already interested in something more.
At the very least we should have a poster in all the local libraries and
other such places.

> The fact it took you months to find us and get in touch suggests we don't 
> present a very freindly face.  The lug should make a point of pointing out 
> that we are not a formal organisation and are very relaxed without making us 
> look like beer monsters.

It was also intertia on my part, tho'. I agree that we should be
presenting a friendly face and at the very least be doing minor PR work.
For example, our great local newspaper is often desperate enough for
news stories that they'd gladly print a short paragraph saying that
we're having a meeting and where to find us. Also, if we put on an event
of some kind, or did something like help convert a local doctor to
Linux, or whatever, they'd print a half page or so on us, if we were
wiley enough about it. For example, in a job I had a couple of years
ago, I got the Express and Star to print a half page on steel computer
security cages. Bloody boring as hell! So, if we make it sexy enough,
we'll get in the paper.

I mean ... Lug Radio could be just that!

> >So, it's probably not worth our trying to attract the average user but
> >maybe the Windows power user who has some ideas of what computing is
> >about and is ready for something new.
> >
> thats our prosumer, the first port of call for lug expansion and finally 
> domination ha ha haaaaaa!


> >Perhaps we could take a stall at one of the computer fairs and offer
> >Linux distros on CD and perhaps pre-installed Linux machines, along with
> >Linux propaganda :)
> >
> jono, didn't you do this down south?


> work, work, work anyone would think you never tired of writing content ;-)

I'm bored and unemployed :)