[Wolves] Promoting Linux (in schools)

Matthew Warwick wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed May 14 15:48:01 2003

>There is a small discussion about Linux in schools going on on the
Coventry Lug mailing  >list (brought on by a school disposing of
pentiumII machines because they wouldn't run   >Windows 2000)

Actually, I know the head technician/administrator at St Thomas More
school in Willenhall (You know, the one where they've just built a brand
new school). I was talking to one of my friends who still attends there
and apprently all the desktops are now running XP (doh!). But, the
school are grant maintained and so possibly some kind of approach to the
school to investigate using linux would be in order? I was there just
before christmas to do some research for one of my modules at uni, and
they were messing with using a linux box to house an internal web