[Wolves] Wiki

Matthew Revell wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed May 28 12:07:04 2003

On Wed, 2003-05-28 at 12:00, Aquarius wrote:
> Matthew Revell spoo'd forth:
> > I think that open wikis are a great idea for a lot of situations ... I just 
> > don't want to have to buy into a whole ideology just to use a piece of 
> > software :)
> I see your point, although, given that last statement, I might question why 
> you're a member of a *Linux* user group, although that's by the by ;) 

How so? Do I have to be a raving capitalist bastard to use Windows? No
(but okay, it helps). Why do I have to change my politics to use a bit
of software? As I mentioned in another e-mail, I very strongly support
the open source movement and way of doing things. If I didn't give a
damn about the politics, tho', would they make me any less eligible to
join the LUG? Surely not.

> Would be 
> a two-line .htaccess change to add htpasswd authentication to 
> /wikisoftware/edit.cgi, mind, rather than in-wiki authentication...

Fair enough, that's a good point but still leaves you with ugly "Edit"
buttons. Anyway, I don't think that this is an argument I'm likely to
win. I do think, tho', it's important to see beyond the politics of
software, from time to time.