[Wolves] Wiki

fizzy wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed May 28 14:15:01 2003

> As Fizzy says, I could fork a project or create my
> own from scratch ...
> assuming my coding is up to it. That's not so much
> my point tho'. I just
> think it's a shame - maybe dangerous even - that
> perfectly good
> functionality can be rejected from a project because
> it doesn't match
> someone's politics. Okay, for something like a wiki
> - where there's
> plenty of choice - it doesn't really matter. But if
> spread to something
> a little more important, like the kernel, it could
> be disastrous.

I think it's more them wanting to stick to the
projects aims rather than some crazy political ideal. 
Good example you brought up with the kernel, say
someone wanted to embed an SSHd into the kernel, yes,
it would make it faster, but many people would say
that it doesn't need to be low level and introduces
unnecessary security risks, so it wouldn't go in.

You can still code a kernel patch for an sshd if you
so wanted, but it wouldn't be allowed into the main
kernel source.

This isn't because of any weird political belief, but
because it doesn't match the primary aim of the
kernel, and i believe they are arguing that your idea
doesn't match the primary aim of a wiki.

This doesn't mean that your idea is null and void,
just that they don't think it should be part of the
main source.


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