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Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed May 28 17:18:00 2003

--- Matthew Revell <matthew@understated.co.uk> wrote:
> Yeah, you're right. I still think it is a useful
> extension to the wiki
> system. I also believe that certain wiki projects
> *are* politically
> motivated - not that that is necessarily a bad
> thing, IMO - such as
> Wikipedia.

I agree. I think Wiki's in their intention of letting
users edit pages are a great idea, and I don't think
adding some kind of login system to restrict who edits
pages is a bad thing. I think if they can create
AAQuake, anything has a right to be developed.

As for the aims of projects; this is largely at the
will of the project's community and core developers.
Core developers by the by are usually elected
informally in a sense of the most active developers
are seen as more 'core'.

Features can often be rejected but then distributed
outside the main project source - in a similar vain to
how kernel modules are not with the source. They are
still functional, but are not distributed with the
kernel itself.

I think politics will always be a part of Open Source,
but I think the need outways the politics. An example
of this is the KDE and Qt licencing fiasco - many
Linux people saw this whole incident as the spawn of
satan, but the users and developers really did'nt give
a shit - and that is what counts. There will always be
trolls out there to complain.


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