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fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 4 12:30:47 GMT 2003


Well, good news: it can be done! Bad news: I tried
very hard and didn't get it to work :(

I have a toshiba libretto - google it up - it's a very
small laptop.  It comes with a pcmcia floppy drive and
we had emense fun trying to get linux installed on it!
 First tip, google.  Google up your laptop make, model
and so forth and see if anyone else has tried it. 
Failing that google up 'libretto linux' as there are
lots of helpfull pages and those should help you.

The problem with the libretto lies in that it tries to
load pcmcia drivers off a floppy, but as the floppy
drive is pcmcia, it can't do it, chicken and egg
style.  I suspect this may be the issue for your
laptop also.

How much space do you have on your hard drive? Do you
have wind*ws on there at the moment? Does it have to
be peanut linux or will any distro be ok?

If you are interested in BSD I know free BSD loaded
fine first time on my libretto :)

It's not bad to not have discussion on list, but Ron
may be able to help you with fancy hardware things and
Aq and people may be able to suggest weird ways of
installing using network debian mirrors and customised
boot disks, so i'll cc the list for that :)


p.s - doing things 'just because' and to annoy
co-workers are possibly the best reason to do
anything, it is basically the whole linux theory :) 

 --- Peter <peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi Fizzy
> Thanks for responding, I’m not quite sure how I am
> supposed to use the LUG list hence I am sending this
> mail direct to you, if this is wrong/breaking the
> rules let me know.
> The HiNote has an interesting mode of operation for
> FDD and CD-ROM. 
> The FDD locks onto the bottom of the laptop when
> Windows is loaded and drivers installed you can then
> attach the MOBILE MEDIA this is a CD-ROM. They both
> connect via an interface in a small slot underneath
> the laptop; I have a horrible feeling it may be a
> form of PCMCIA however there are two PCMCIA slots on
> the side HiNote.
> I was going to use the HDD adapter as a last resort.
> There is no real need to achieve this project it’s
> just that
> 1.      It is supposed to be possible so I would
> like to learn how to do it so I can show off.
> My so called IT expert friend say’s it cant be done
> so I would love to hit him over the head with it
> having loaded Linux.
> I am probably trying to run before I can walk with
> this idea having only used Linux for the past 4
> Months but then I am famous for loving a challenge.
> Any help you can give would be appreciated
> Regards,
> PeteC 

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