[Wolves] Re: Install Help

s parkes stephenparkes1972 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 4 12:50:41 GMT 2003

>From: fizzy <fizzyorguk at yahoo.com>

>It's not bad to not have discussion on list, but Ron
>may be able to help you with fancy hardware things and
>Aq and people may be able to suggest weird ways of
>installing using network debian mirrors and customised
>boot disks, so i'll cc the list for that :)
I have a laptop with no removable media devices.  To install I net boot the 
floppy images from another machines (PXE, tftp, bootp) this worked fine with 
debian.  The full debian instructions on getting it working are at 
debian.org somewhere.  When I moved the laptop to SuSe (for X reasons) i 
just swapped the images for SuSe ones (I think I had to think a little about 
it but as usual forgot to document the process)

debian installs really easy from a network either the internet or another 
machine on your network.  This might solve your problems.


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