[Wolves] Install Help

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 4 18:23:35 GMT 2003

Hi Peter and welcome to the LUG :) Unless anyone else
can help you here, I think Fizz might be your man as
his advice seems pretty good and he probably has more
experience than anyone.

I have a few links that might help you, though the
exact page for your laptop doesn't mention booting or
starting the installation process itself.

Linux Laptop homepage:


The Digital section:


and the link for the Digital Highnote Ultra II from
Linux Laptop:


I unfortunately don't know enough to be able to help
here as my knowledge extends as far as what you have
already tried. Hopefully there will be stuff on Linux
Laptop that will offer advice on booting or starting a
network install. I read in the latest Linux Format
(#47) that a network install is difficult with PCMCIA
network cards as very few can boot from a network.

There is also http://www.linux-laptop.org but it
doesn't look too useful.

You could perhaps bring it to a meeting, maybe the
next one at the Standard restaurant, probably in 3
weeks, to see if someone can help you in person or
maybe even do a network install for you if your card
is able.

Good luck :)




Use Linux. Because it's better.

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