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fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 4 09:10:17 GMT 2003

 --- Peter Cannon <peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk>

> Hi All
> I have been a member of the LUG list for some time
> but have not been
> brave enough to join in.

Welcome aboard!
> Can anybody help me with a with a small project I
> have set myself as a
> learning curve, I have a Digital Hinote Ultra II
> (Laptop) this has no
> boot able CD-ROM however I do have a PCMCIA CD-ROM.

This sounds like libretto linux all over again

> I would like to load Peanut Linux. I have got as far
> as making a Boot &
> Root floppy and they have worked fine now comes the
> problem obviously I
> need to get the rest of the installation files
> loaded, I did a raw-rite
> using Mandrake CD.img and PCMCIA.img but these did
> not work.

First things first, is your floppy drive PCMCIA? I do
hope not!

You have a few options, it depends, do you want to
load linux on as a learning exercise, or do you want
to just get linux on there? 

If you just want linux on the laptop the easiest thing
to do is mount the hard disk in another machine
(another laptop is easiest or in a pc if have have
(access to) an adaptor. On the same theme you could
load the contents of the linux CD onto the hard disk
from an 'alternative' operating system, or from a
linux boot disk/knoppix.

If you are determined to install linux the proper way
i'll have to go away and review my libretto notes, i
think there are ways, and some distributions handle it
better than others, so if you want to go down that
route let me know....


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