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Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Nov 6 00:18:53 GMT 2003

Hi David

I know you have already received the main body of this message but I,m
at home now so can post to the list directly.

So what if you are on the dole? a domain name costs £5.00 through most
companies or less if you punt around, maybe I can help (my company is an
ISP as well). an add in the paper will cost about £60.00 if you do a
line add so why not start with the web site as I suggested if you can't
do it. Take a look at www.centrosales.co.uk I created this myself so
maybe I could be persuaded to create a site for you? You only need a few

     1. A phone
     2. Exposure
     3. confidence

Most of the suppliers I deal with want you to make two or three credit
card or check payments on your first deals just to prove you will pay,
they will then give you credit, usually around 2K just make sure you pay
on time remember what I said "My word is my bond"

In the words of Norman Tebbitt "Get on yer bike and get a job" what have
you got to lose only your time. If you like, find a punter who wants
some kit, drop me a mail I'll give you a price, add your markup and pass
it off as yours when your on your feet you wont need me any more.

All the Best PeterC

> First things first David your in box rejected direct mail? so I´ll
> to fizzy perhaps you would be kind enough to pass this on.
> If you wish to respond to me only use the
> peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk address this is because my personal
> laptop is currently hooked up at work so I´m fudging the way I send
> receive.
> Good idea regarding new boxes however if I can give you one little tip
> that you can use for everything, never assume because assume makes an
> ASS out of U and ME. 
> I am the sales manager for the company I work for and look at things
> from that point of view in my experience new kit (even more so these
> days)is not as stable as you might imagine, we get through loads of
> faulty parts, hard drives, CPU and others all supposedly new high
> quality goods.
> The problem is these days everyone wants cheep they honestly dint care
> about quality (until it goes wrong) they just want to pay as little as
> possible, another favorite saying of mine (used on a daily basis I
> might add) is champaign tastes lemonade pockets.
> Any way less of the gloom here goes my free advice which should cost
> thousands. grab a pen and here we go; start with a website or on-line
> shop (don't sell on line yet it__ dangerous no matter what anyone
> regarding encryption) if you put some good meta keywords in the page
> will be surprised how quickly your site gets picked up no need to
> out loads to web site submission company's. Stick an add in the paper
> it can be pricey. best bet is keep it short and get them to ring or
> look at your website selling units from your advert will be costly as
> takes up room.
> Word of mouth works relay well but you will need to adhere to the old
> adage ¨MY WORD IS MY BOND¨ that way people will think you are the bees
> knees.
> Expect to get returned equipment, it__ gonna happen! when i´ve got
> and if you want I can give you some examples of the fault calls we get
> you will laugh so much you'll wet yourself.
> Once the money starts rolling in take time to locate some premises do
> your groundwork walk about and see who´s there (even down side
> we currently have five outlets very close too us, four of which did´nt
> even know we were here and we´ve been trading 10 Years.
> I would be more than happy to give you some guidance on
> strategy and in return you can help now and again with mysteries of
> Linux.
> -- 
> Regards PeterC
> Peter Cannon
> Email: peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk

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