[Wolves] Remote X sessions

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Thu Nov 27 20:02:21 GMT 2003

Peter Oliver spoo'd forth:
> XDMCP handles remote X sessions.  You need to switch it on in your display
> manager on the system that you want to handle the session (the system
> remote to you).  This is considered a bad idea if you're not behind a
> firewall.  GDM users can run /usr/sbin/gdmconfig or edit gdm.conf
> directly. KDM users (and XDM and dtlogin users, for that matter) will have
> to figure it out for themselves.
> Now, you need to start an X server and point it at your remote display
> manager.  Here are a few places you could do it:
> 1) From an already running X session:
> Xnest -once -query remotehost :1
> 2) From the console:
> X -once -query remotehost :1
> 3) From the display manager on your client system:
> Users of a recent GDM can just hit F10 and negotiate the menus.  If you 
> want to make this permanent, edit gdm.conf and change the line that says
>        0=Standard
> to one that says
>        0=Terminal -query remotehost
> While you're in there, you could play around with the flexible servers
> stuff for a less command-line oriented way to achive options 1 and 2.

All these are very good ideas, only spoiled by how DamnSmallLinux uses
the Kdrive X server, and it doesn't support -query. Bah!

*sob, sob*

Are there other Knoppix-based *small* distributions with a proper X
server in? I shall have a look around -- I don't want to use full-on
Knoppix, my laptop isn't good enough...


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