[Wolves] Aq: Sitepoint - SVG

Lee Jordan lists at leejordan.org.uk
Fri Nov 28 10:23:03 GMT 2003

Just had a thought for your sitepoint idea, plugin and broswer issues may
rule this one out but :

Could you make use of SVG as a display mechanisim, therefore holding all
content in one file. I need to look into this further, could you throw in
some hyperlinks and embed more than one page and sort of link in between
them internaly only showing a certain section of the XML therefore only
having one SVG file, similar to having 1 Powerpoint file? SVG's can be
animated to so would this get around complex browser DHTML DOM stuff. In
therory your interface would just need to create an XML file so the browser
would partly play the building role, and the output would be down to SVG
plugin's. I know I know it may need plugin's etc etc

Ignore me if I'm completely bonkers as I'm just looking up what can be done
with SVG. I'm assuming you may have thought about this one.

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