[Wolves] Am I missing something here....

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Wed Oct 29 11:11:30 GMT 2003

Old Dan spoo'd forth:
>> Yeah, that's the point, really. What does your mailserver need to do?
>> All mine needs to do is get SMTP mail and put it in /var/mail/wherever.
>> Since 3.36 does that fine and i don't even use 95% of that server's
>> features, I really couldn't think of a good reason to go to 4...
> I'm running Cyrus IMAP and am planning to run SpamAssassin.  I have read 
> somewhere that they recommend you upgrade to Exim4.

Then let this be a lesson in not believing all that you read, unless
it's something I've written ;)

Aq -- yeah, I saw that too, but i ignored it in case upgrading broke my
working mail system. Clearly I was right to do so :)

PS. Is postfix easier? I still don't *understand* Exim...

I would not bet against the existence of time machines; my opponent
may have seen the future and know the answer.
	   -- Stephen Hawking

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