[Wolves] credit card signatures etc

David Goodwin david at openminds.co.uk
Tue Apr 6 17:03:42 BST 2004

> Yeah I would have thought so. Now it gets better, because you place an
> order they can log your address with a simple database program then keep
> a check on what you order and how often.
> The proof of this is a letter they sent me (obviously automated) saying
> according to their records I hadn't ordered for a while and if I did I
> could get some freebies.
> Now is this smart business sense or something more sinister? Keep in
> mind who can access the data and what it could be used for by the
> Italians.

Reminds me of the story where a woman in the US picked up a cat, pets 
were against her rental agreement, and after buying one can at the 
supermarket her letter box was flooded with promotions... needless to 
say her landlord found out about the pet because of the promotions ....


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