Fedora woes was Re: [Wolves] Morphix/Debian and CD drives

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Apr 13 16:19:50 BST 2004


On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 15:54, Matthew Revell wrote:

> Apt will work with something like "apt-get install mozilla-firefox" 
> rather than "apt-get install firefox" but all you have to do is either 
> use a nice graphical tool, like Synaptic, which categorises all the 
> software for you, or type "apt-cache search firefox" which looks through 
> the package list you have and will tell you what you need to type in.
> I've never used Yum, tho'.

I'm 99.9% convinced someone on the LUG suggested yum.

> Have you seen http://www.freshrpms.net? That has an RPM for APT, that 
> makes it nice and easy.

Yum is configured to use freshrpms so maybe there's a way forward I'm a
bit torn really as far as updating is concerned, I like the graphical
e.g up2date & yast I feel safer being able to put a tick in a box and
only downloading/installing the choices made but over the last three or
four months I have got used to the none graphical yum I like the way it
downloads (I think) the headers then asks if you want to install I have
not had a situation yet where I have wanted one download and not the
other so I'm not sure what I would do given that choice.

> I started off with SuSe 7.3 and still like SuSe very much. I didn't 
> wanna keep paying, every six months, to upgrade. So, I switched to RH8.0 
> then, RH9 and more recently Fedora Core 1. It's only recently that I've 
> moved away from the Red Hat world :)

Maybe thats why I keep looking at other packages?

> Yeah, that's available under Gnome, so under Debian running Gnome. I'd 
> say the main things you'd miss are the nice graphic config tools for 
> things like Samba shares. There's not much tho', and Apt really does 
> make up for it.
I use smb4k for Windows share with no problems I'm starting to get a
little cocky now and using bash more and more rather than GUI.
> Well, I think both should switch to running Apt, immediately. Fedora I 
> can't really see the point of, any more. It has these nice tools but 
> then it doesn't automount Windows partitions and RPM is a nightmare. I 
> keep meaning to look at Mandrake but it never seems to like whatever 
> hardware I try it on :)

Now thats a really clever feature with Suse, I have three HDD in my main
box not only did it detect them but set up auto mount with access icons
on the desk top, one is a windows the other is split Linux/windows
(Backup drives) third is the Suse drive so I didn't have to faff around
with fstab creating automount entries and then desktop shortcuts.



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