[Wolves] Fool and his money

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 15 02:10:43 BST 2004

 --- David Goodwin <david at openminds.co.uk> wrote: 
> kernel compiles are actually quite easy and straight
> forward. The 
> difficult bit is to learn what all the options are
> for, and which ones 
> your hardware/setup requires....

He's right y'know (even though this has been covered),
it's not that hard, or maybe it's just that I've come
so far since the time I thought it must be hard.

As David said, the trick is just getting to know the
options well enough to know which ones you need to
make it work (and make the ones you're not sure about
as modules if you have to!). It took me about a year
(about 6 attempts) to do a successful kernel compile
and get it to boot and it turned out that most of the
problems were due to the fact that I was compiling in
NTFS read support and the kernel source I was using
was released with a programing statement missing which
meant the compile failed. If you kernel won't compile
it's most probably a bug. After a few times round the
options, you'll know enough to be able to choose the
important options.

It really is a treat watching your first kernel boot
up, I still feel a little pleased with myself now.

Debian's kernel-package makes it even easier. It will
even add ithe new kernel to your lilo.conf for you.




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