[Wolves] Potted Samba/XP howto

Matthew Revell wolveslug at understated.co.uk
Fri Apr 16 12:42:59 BST 2004

Aquarius wrote:

>>What's worse tho'? A project that gave it a go but failed, or 
>>pre-emptive apathy? :)
> Preemptive apathy, because failed projects *never go away*. If we did
> it, it didn't work, and we decided to remove it, then there would still
> be Google hits and links to it, which would either (a) 404, which is
> bad, or (b) link to incomplete, out--of-date, and useless information.
> If I could kill all the wrong info on the web, then, yes, the web would
> be quite a bit smaller, but it'd also be quite a bit more useful...

Ach, Aq, you're a cynic, man. I don't have the time to give to a project 
like this - I'd love to - but if other people feel they have, then why 
not? Good Lord, hardly anything would happen in the world if everyone 
said, "Well, nobody's succeeded in doing this before, so I'll give up now".

As a LUG, at the moment, we exist as a mailing list and some great 
nights out. Even if it may end up in failure, why not support the idea 
of people from the LUG doing something that could help the Linux community?



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