[Wolves] Broken xlibs on debian

fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 24 13:31:49 BST 2004

 --- fizzy <fizzyorguk at yahoo.com> wrote: 

> Following Aq's advice 

Remember kids, don't listen to Aq :)

> I've tried removing
> that file manually, and that didn't help.

What you have to do is dpkg --force-overwrite the
xlibs package, then do another apt-get install, then
it should work.  You also have to remember to install
xbase-clients or it won't work.  This puzzled me for a
while :)

Now I just need to work out what that weird port is,
and get some decent windows fonts in, and I'll be a
happy bunny!

> fizz

You wana know who I really am?
Yeah so do I, yeah so do I.

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