[Wolves] PGP

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Thu Aug 12 10:26:31 BST 2004

Peter Cannon wrote:
> Hmm! not only do I see the same problem as Dan but Ron's mail comes in 
> disjointed with the error message "No appropriate crypto plug-in found".

You need to, er, have the appropriate crypto plug-in installed.  ;)

Do you actually have the gnupg RPM installed perchance?  Gnupg appears 
to be what Ron is using.

> Having seen PGP in action it seems a bit long winded for this/other lists 
> where quick inter action is sometimes helpfull, after all this ain't MI5 and 
> the content of most mails are not sensitive. :-)

TBH I'm not sold on it yet either for groups like this.  The reason I 
have enigmail for Tbird installed is so I didn't have to see the 
signatures anymore.  :)

However, I can see how it could be incredibly useful in some situations 
and as/if it becomes more ubiquitous it could then become useful to 
groups like this for poster identity verification.


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