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Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Aug 12 13:57:43 BST 2004

On Thursday 12 Aug 2004 13:34, The wise and knowledgeable Jon Farmer 

> Nothing homegrown about it. If you search around abit you'll see many
> eminent cryptographers extol the virtues of PGP.

The clouds have parted! When 'eminent cryptographers' talk about PGP they are 
talking about financial transaction, sensitive information and so on, they 
are not talking about "hello all, my raid array has gone tits up".

Theres a big difference between hobby usage and serious mission critical 

> I would like to finish of by saying I am not trying to personally attack
> anyone here. I am finding this debate quite stimulating and hope
> everyone else will take it in the same spirit.

I'm too old and ugly to get upset I was going to say has the art of debate 
died? just because I think your wrong doesn't make me right debate is what 
sets us apart from the animals. :-)



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