[Wolves] PGP

Jon Farmer jonfarmer at enta.net
Thu Aug 12 14:06:27 BST 2004

Peter Cannon wrote:

> The clouds have parted! When 'eminent cryptographers' talk about PGP they are 
> talking about financial transaction, sensitive information and so on, they 
> are not talking about "hello all, my raid array has gone tits up".
> Theres a big difference between hobby usage and serious mission critical 
> communication.

Interestingly most of the papers I have read on personal use of 
cryptography have given "maybe your having an illicit affair" as one of 
  the reasons why you would want to use PGP.

Seriously though I think most people havent a clue that sending 
unencryted emails is like sending all snail mail written on a postcard. 
Not long back I found a little oick was sniffing emails on a company 
LAN. He saw a email from me to one of the girls in the sales office and 
then started to spoof email from me to her unaware I was the server 
admin. She was oblivious to fact it was spoofing and reported me for 
sexual harrassment. All ended well by the end of the day the little 
scumbag was sacked. If the mails had been signed or encrypt it would 
have been a lot more difficult to pull the stunt or for me to explain it.



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