[Wolves] calendaring/contact list software recommendations

David Goodwin david at openminds.co.uk
Fri Aug 13 12:22:33 BST 2004

Chris Procter wrote:
> Does anybody have any recommendations for calendaring/contact list type
> server software to replace our aged, under used Exchange?
> Due to an office move and reorg I have a chance to persuade my boss to ditch
> exchange in favour of something(s) better, I can handle the email side of
> things (we've got an smtp/pop3 server already) but the company diary is a
> sticking point. It doesn't need to be fancy as we only use 1 company wide
> diary that anyone can access and change, and one contact list that again
> anyone can change, nobody uses personal calendars at all. Free (as in beer)
> will make the sell to my boss a lot easier, and accessible via outlook would
> be perfect, more realistically web based is good, we have IIS/asp and can do
> apache/php. Not needing an external database would be an advantage because I
> have to set it up and like an easy life! 

> Any suggestions?

OpenExchange - accessible via outlook. Shared calendar via oSLOX (see 

Free/Busy, LDAP for addresses etc.
It uses PostgreSQL... but the install of SLOX does all this for you - 
after installing it you get a fully working server with 
samba/dns/dhcp/ldap etc.

You'd need one unused machine - install SLOX on it, and away you go.

(I'm guessing the Open Sourced version of OpenExchange may be harder to 
setup than SLOX (the suse cd thing) v4.1?).

We're using SLOX internally and it seems quite good... I've been able to 
get Mozilla calendar to read the ical files from SLOX, but not (yet) 
able to get moz. calendar to update the calendar (it seems to only get a 
read only copy, and not know how to push updates to the slox server.)

Failing Open Exchange, there's Horde which has quite a good system,.. 
but it's all web interface/php stuff... with no outlook integration., 
See http://www.horde.org. We use this at home. The calendars are 
sharable, but it seems a bit of a hack to me.

Failing all that, there is Citedral.org (i think) which I happened to be 
reading about yesterday.. sounds quite good, and integrates groupware 
wise with Kolab (and that's about it i think).


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