[Wolves] Printers and Graphics card

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 13 14:34:57 BST 2004

 --- Jayne Heger <jayneheger at yahoo.com> wrote: 

> I have in mind an Epson of some sorts for my
> printer, which would you go for? I only want to
> spend about £100ish pounds on one

Epson printers are nice for photos, we have an Epson
Photo printer at home (model number eludes me off
hand, might be 910 something), wasn't too expensive I
don't think and the replacement cartridges are cheaper
than HP, but I dunno about Linux support, it's my
dad's. HP are pretty much guaranteed to work though as
Bruce Perens was their Linux guy for some time, they
are reliable and certain to be good quality. It's up
to you really.

> What graphics card would you guys go for? I would
> want a 128MB one.
> Radeon or Nvidia?
> My current one is an Nvidia. Elsa Erazor III -
> brilliant card, I really like it.

About 18 months on, I'm still waiting to get an ATI
driver working (took a year to get one in the first
place), so I'd say nVidia on that score as the support
and drivers are much better. I've been VESA VGA driver
since I got it and it cost me £130 or for the
priveledge of having bog standard VGA




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