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Philip Moore ptm48 at uklinux.net
Fri Aug 13 18:37:08 BST 2004

On Friday 13 August 2004 14:34, Adam Sweet wrote:
>  --- Jayne Heger <jayneheger at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I have in mind an Epson of some sorts for my
> > printer, which would you go for? I only want to
> > spend about £100ish pounds on one
> Epson printers are nice for photos, we have an Epson
> Photo printer at home (model number eludes me off
> hand, might be 910 something), wasn't too expensive I
> don't think and the replacement cartridges are cheaper
> than HP, but I dunno about Linux support, it's my
> dad's. HP are pretty much guaranteed to work though as
> Bruce Perens was their Linux guy for some time, they
> are reliable and certain to be good quality. It's up
> to you really.
> > What graphics card would you guys go for? I would
> > want a 128MB one.
> > Radeon or Nvidia?
> > My current one is an Nvidia. Elsa Erazor III -
> > brilliant card, I really like it.
> About 18 months on, I'm still waiting to get an ATI
> driver working (took a year to get one in the first
> place), so I'd say nVidia on that score as the support
> and drivers are much better. I've been VESA VGA driver
> since I got it and it cost me £130 or for the
> priveledge of having bog standard VGA
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I could be wrong but I seem to recall reading in a report on SuSE 9.1 pro 
distribution that Nvidea drivers are not bundled with the distribution.

They are in includedin 9.0 pro didtribution (I use a Nvidea card which works 
in 2D -  I have had problems getting 3D to work - currently it is disabled).  
This is no problem to me but if games are your thing then it may well be an 

I found out that Nvidea drivers for SuSE 9.1 pro are available from SuSE 

Philip Moore

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