[Wolves] OS X style panel in Gnome 2.6

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Sun Aug 15 15:26:49 BST 2004

Matthew Revell wrote:
> Howdy all,
> I'm pretty sure Sparkes mentioned he had a Mac OS X style panel,
> running under Gnome. I've Googled for advice, using just about every
> combination of relevant terms that I can think of but have come up
> with no answers.

I think that Sparkes was using suxpanel 
(http://www.linuxmag.com.br/~leandro/suxpanel/), for ROX...

> BTW I've just given up on Debian, guys. I've switched to Fedora 2 and
> haven't yet looked back. Debian is definitely a system for people who
> really want to spend more time making their computers work, than I do.
> I can see its merits but it ain't the one for me.

Is horses for courses, that. I'd be interested in how you get on, 
specifically in the realms of keeping your machine up to date and so on. 
Let us know?


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