[Wolves] OS X style panel in Gnome 2.6

Jono Bacon jono at jonobacon.org
Sun Aug 15 18:44:56 BST 2004

Stuart Langridge wrote:
> Matthew Revell wrote:
>> Howdy all,
>> I'm pretty sure Sparkes mentioned he had a Mac OS X style panel,
>> running under Gnome. I've Googled for advice, using just about every
>> combination of relevant terms that I can think of but have come up
>> with no answers.
> I think that Sparkes was using suxpanel 
> (http://www.linuxmag.com.br/~leandro/suxpanel/), for ROX...

You can certainly make the KDE panel look like the Mac OS X one. See my 
attempt at 

>> BTW I've just given up on Debian, guys. I've switched to Fedora 2 and
>> haven't yet looked back. Debian is definitely a system for people who
>> really want to spend more time making their computers work, than I do.
>> I can see its merits but it ain't the one for me.
> Is horses for courses, that. I'd be interested in how you get on, 
> specifically in the realms of keeping your machine up to date and so on. 
> Let us know?

I would be interested too. It seems that using official packages for any 
distro is simple now - it is just whether the official packages are kept 
up to date. What seems to screw a distro up is when you start using 
unofficial packages.

Keep us posted.


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