[Wolves] New linux users

Simon Burke simon.burke at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 16:49:13 BST 2004

Ok, so i have finally convinced my company to use linux, but one
problem. He (the MD, theres only four of us who work here) has been a
windows user for as long as windows has been around.

So what I ma saying is that it may not be as eay for users to switch
their desktops to linux if they have been using windows for god knows.
Especially if you think you know alot about computers as you can use
windows well, as many can supposedly do, but still say yeah Linux is
cr*p and yet they cant give a reason why.

Ok an example it took me a stupidly long time as to explain things
like not to log on as root and such.

I have seen it presented as a viable replacement for windows, and to
be honest i still dont think it is, it still seems like one of those
things that you stereotype geeks with using, and not for the regular
user, as long as they dont want to administer the machine.

It not so much linux thats the problem its that the depth thats its
administered, yeah its great that you can set it up so closely to how
you want it, but to the people who are used to a nice simple point and
click way of doing things will get lost imho.

Ok this is my opinion of linux to date, and i expect that there will
be a little disagreeance but its my opinion which i intend to keep
unless proven otherwise.


Theres no place like ::1

Ok this e-mail may not seem to make sense but basically im saying that
imho it is still not ready to be used by a fair few windows user, not
due to useability, thats not the problem but i still think that there
is not a good method of administering systems that windows users can
use. (that does include Yast by the way)

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