[Wolves] New linux users

Philip Moore ptm48 at uklinux.net
Wed Aug 18 18:33:30 BST 2004

On Wednesday 18 August 2004 16:49, Simon Burke wrote:
> Ok, so i have finally convinced my company to use linux, but one
> problem. He (the MD, theres only four of us who work here) has been a
> windows user for as long as windows has been around.
> So what I ma saying is that it may not be as eay for users to switch
> their desktops to linux if they have been using windows for god knows.
> Especially if you think you know alot about computers as you can use
> windows well, as many can supposedly do, but still say yeah Linux is
> cr*p and yet they cant give a reason why.
> Ok an example it took me a stupidly long time as to explain things
> like not to log on as root and such.
> I have seen it presented as a viable replacement for windows, and to
> be honest i still dont think it is, it still seems like one of those
> things that you stereotype geeks with using, and not for the regular
> user, as long as they dont want to administer the machine.
> It not so much linux thats the problem its that the depth thats its
> administered, yeah its great that you can set it up so closely to how
> you want it, but to the people who are used to a nice simple point and
> click way of doing things will get lost imho.
> Ok this is my opinion of linux to date, and i expect that there will
> be a little disagreeance but its my opinion which i intend to keep
> unless proven otherwise.
> Thanks,
> SimonB

Hi Simon

Until recently I would have agreed with you - but of late the development and 
functionality of Linux distros (at least the main ones) has made the HCI 
aspects of a Linux desktop as easy as Windows with minimal training and 
practice - I have found Linux simpler to adapt to than a Mac.

I use both Linux and Win2K and find that setting up an administering both 
systems poses problems that the end user will never see (both have root 
privileges - called administrator in Win2K).  That is the point as I see it - 
the systems can be split into the administration function and the end user 
requirements and the demarcation line is reasonably clear.

I have introduced SuSE to experienced computer users without as a GUI and they 
have not had any problems using the system after a few minutes with only 
minimal prompting - there is a danger that too much information too early may 
be very off putting.

Given that my Linux system now comprises 95% of my computer use I would take 
issue with your observation that Linux is not a viable MS alternative for 
general use - there are obviously specialised applications for which Linux is 
not a MS alternative (and these are getting less) but for all normal uses it 

Philip Moore 

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